Chinese New Year

In reception we have been learning all about different cultures, this week we have focused on Chinese New Year.
Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is the main Chinese festival of the year. As the Chinese use the lunar calendar for their festivals the date of Chinese New Year changes from year to year. The date corresponds to the new moon (black moon) in either late January or February. The spring festival celebrates the start of new life and the season of ploughing and sowing.
Traditionally, celebrations last for fifteen days, ending on the date of the full moon, when it is at its brightest. The first week is celebrated with visits to friends and family following special traditions designed to bring good luck. The second week ends with the Lantern Festival on the evening of the 15th day of the lunar month.
The Chinese calendar is different from that used in the United Kingdom. It is made up of a cycle of twelve years, each of them being named after an animal. We have learnt that this year is the year of the Rat.
We had lots of fun writing Chinese numbers, eating Chinese food and making Chinese decorations.