This week in Reception we have continued to explore the story The Everywhere Bear by Julia Donaldson.

This week the bear was lost at sea, which we explored through mark making and music.  Together we collaborated to produce a “Big Draw” of what the bear may see under the sea – the children really enjoyed this activity and showed off their increasing mark making abilities.

On Thursday, both classes came together to take part in a music session exploring the sounds of the ocean – the children explored making different sounds with various untuned percussion instruments and collaborated to recreate the sound of the ocean.  The children altered the dynamics and tempo of their playing to reflect the changing moods of the water.


In maths we have been exploring pattern and early number – the children have compared and discussed different colour, shape and size patterns and have been experimenting with creating their own and recognising patterns in the environment.


This week was also the Feast of St Teresa – the children learnt who this was, why our school was named after her and how much of a special person she was.


Another very busy week!