The creation of ALIVE

It became a target for us that we would implement a Whole School Approach to Mental health and well being and that by the end of the 2018/19 academic year we would have made great strides in formulating our ideas with the help of our children.

We took the 5 steps for positive mental health and turned it in to our own well- being charter ALIVE.

Active – Be Active

Learn – Keep Learning

Interact – Time with friends family and community

Volunteer – Helping others

Emotions – How do we feel physically and emotionally and appreciate our environment?

Why did we embark on our ALIVE journey?

Our aim of optimising children’s academic potential needed to be coupled with helping produce resilient, mentally and physically healthy children and to do this we needed a WSA to well-being.

We already did a vast amount of fantastic work in all areas of our school but as society and our children and parents change and also the notion of well-being had become more prominent thus extra emphasis was needed. A whole school approach although at first seemed a ‘big task’ it was the most effective way to ensure all our children’s needs are catered for and early risk signs are spotted and acted upon. We will always have a considerable amount of children who will need extra support but by helping solidify the foundations of positive well-being throughout the school can only benefit us all.

It also coincided with the behaviour review and gave us the perfect opportunity to promote a new more supportive, refined and objective behaviour charter and policy. Also we had signed up to the Trailblazer project lead by the NHS to promote mental health support in schools, so the timing seemed perfect.

The next step was to get the children involved, as part of Year a 5 Real project in Autumn 2019 one of the outcomes was to develop the ALIVE ethos in school as a positive well-being and behavior charter. This was a cross curricular project linking all subjects but particularly the ‘Rights and Responsibilities’ section of PSHE.

Firstly they looked at how we take part in each area, how we show positive behaviour in each area, and then come up with a single sentence phrase that explains and come up with a design to present it.

This is what they created … and ALIVE was born!


ALIVE Expectations for Behaviour


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