The pupils and staff of St Teresa would love to invite you to a celebration of learning, love and community spirit, taking place on Tuesday 4th April, at the school.

In her 5, there has been some exciting learning cantered around the theme of ‘Poverty and Riches’, and pupils have explored, questioned and discussed some deep topics including the question- What riches lie in poverty? It was wonderful to hear young voices exploring just how important and valuable strength and courage, gained from spiritual richness is.

As a result of their learning, children have taken great pride in reaching out to the community around them- helping out at a Wavertree food hub; visiting a food bank; volunteering to help The Real Junk Food Project cook and prepare meals for charitable causes.

The Food, Love and Community Feed, taking place on Tuesday 4th April, will be a fantastic opportunity for our community to enjoy free, warm delicious food prepared by the children; explore the amazing Edible Playground where we have been growing
our own fruit and vegetables; take part in cookery lessons with professional chefs; learn about the great work of food banks and have the opportunity to benefit from debt advice and money management advisors.

Most importantly the community can come together and celebrate the joy, happiness and richness that love and togetherness can bring to us all!

We hope to see you there!