Class 1HL

6 Year 1 children visited Bobbies Flower Shop this afternoon. We went to look at how flowers are displayed. We loved looking at all of the different flowers and even saw one called Baby’s Breath!
1HL had a lovely Art Day. We learned about different artists (Calude Monet and Vincent Van Gogh) and used oil pastels to create our own pictures in their styles. We also used clay to make sunflower fridge magnets.
1HL talked about Pentecost Day. We joined in a role play to show how Jesus’ friends felt before and after the Holy Spirit came.oly

Allotment Expert Visit

Year 1 day out to Hale Village

It has been a busy week in the Edible Playground. The children have watered the raised beds. We also had six Gnomes in the garden . The children had to be detectives to find them. Well done Year 1
Year 1 get a reply from Sir David Attenborough.
We have been very busy this week with Mrs Gillin and Mrs Morgan. The children  enjoyed sitting in the observation station looking for birds. The children were also nature detectives looking for birds.
We worked together as a team looking for leaves with Mrs gillin and Mrs Morgan.

Outdoor Learning with Mrs Gillin & Mrs Morgan

The children in Year 1 have had a very busy week Outdoors . They have planted Sunflowers and Sweet peas. We have also made faces using natural materials.