Class 4W

Computing news.
Mr Triggs brought in the spheros for us to learn how to move them. With the right code they can be trained to move away at different angles, speeds and distances. Did your team crack the code? Did your sphero come back to you?
Look out for next week’s update.  We will add chariots to them soon and set up Roman style chariot races.
In Golden time we remembered what we had learned about the structure of ROMAN  buildings and added pillars and pediments to our buildings.
4W have been researching The Romans to answer the question; What evidence is there that the Romans were here?

We found out about Architecture and building materials, Roman Roads, baths and houses. We also learned how coins were used for the first time when trading with other people.

Today we investigated measures through a problem solving activity. Do you know how many grams  are in a kilogram? How many centimetres are there in a metre? What is 1/2 kg in g? How can you calculate the number of millilitres in 1.3 litres?
We had soldier training…
What a great end to the day. A fine Roman banquet with slaves serving us all!
Did the Romans help to make Britain ‘Great’?
We had a wonderful time at our great launch day for our new topic with ‘Makers of History’ today.
What a great day. We worked with clay to make portraits, we looked at Roman artefacts and then learnt about soldiers and how to play Roman games.