Class 5B

Creating beautiful, thought-provoking artwork for our faith space.
Having so much fun building 3D models of our faith space design!

Worship Warriors

VIDES Human Rights

Soaking up the beautiful sunshine whilst doing a Maths Trail in our Edible Playground – what could be better!?
We have graduated as official Guardians of Human Rights with Vides – protecting our own rights as well as others!
What a privilege to learn from our expert architect today – Dave has helped us SO MUCH as we begin to draw up designs for a new Faith Space in our school.
We have selected a piece of artwork to peer critique and redraft linked to our art through music workshop.
Reminding ourselves about online safety with Vides this week. A couple of pupils even made up a song!
Week 3 with Vides, talking about PEACE!
Practising our artistic skills and creating artwork for our new Reflection Room.
Taking time to reflect on what skills we have developed last term. We have found out that we are getting much better at being Independent Inquirers.
Learning how to keep ourselves safe and helping our friends to do the same.
Our trip to the Museum of Liverpool and sketching on the Albert Dock.
Excellent start to the day by our hard working pupils, who have been reading, improving handwriting, reading with a teacher and using Mathletics- all before 9.30am! It shows the importance of being in school on time! Well done everyone!
Maths word problems relay race!
Studying A Road To Emmaus in our RE Topic, Transformation!
We have selected a piece of artwork to peer critique and redraft linked to our art through music workshop.
What a fantastic trip to TATE Liverpool this morning with a group of 14 lucky pupils.
We set out to explore different forms of art, different approaches to representing the same ideas and how different interpretations can be born from the same pieces.
We discussed at great length what pieces of art ‘spoke’ and ‘reached out’ to us and what we felt while looking at them.
There are so many ideas that we are bringing back with us, ready to feed back about to the year group and link to our Project.
A picture of Team Work in action! We love seeing our pupils working together, listening to each other and helping their peers.
Quiet reflection during RE, as we think back over the learning we did throughout this topic and in preparation for the next part of our faith exploration.
Continuing our spelling practise of the Year 5 and 6 words, ready for the weekly spelling test approaching at the end of the week.
All very focused on handwriting- working extra hard with letter formation and joining our writing up during weekly practise.
Bringing science to life through experiments helps us to understand ideas and concepts better.
Working with our partners makes practising the use of direct and indirect speech in writing fun!
We are loving using Reading Plus in school and at home. Let’s see how many words we can read this half term!
Getting creative and using batons in Music with Mrs Tremarco as we continue to explore our REAL Project! ‬
Looking at newspaper articles for inspiration and guidance as we begin our new piece of writing – WHO DONE IT!?
We are looking at ‘Justice’ this week with Vides through exploration of the Banana Industry!
M‪ore VIDES photos..
Many interesting discussions as we start a new RE topic in year 5. Well done everyone!
Year 5 learning new scientific vocabulary during our Reading skills session.
We enjoyed taking part in experiments in our science lessons in year 5 today.
Letting our imagination run wild through creative writing using Pobble 365.
Enjoying our first session of a six week course with Vides learning about Human Rights!
In Year 5, we have just launched our new REAL Project for this term, ‘How can Creativity be the Key to Change?’
We have taken part in a range of activities, including exploring our essential question through reflective writing; researching the mysterious Banksy and his artwork; exploring how we can express art through music, and getting our business hats on in product making!

Stations of the cross

RE Work