Class RS

Well done and BIG thank you to our Reception Parents who help make some amazing outfits for our Recycle Fashion Show today!
As part of our REUSE and RECYCLE real project we held a teddy swap day . Instead of old unloved teddies ending up in the tip we brought them to school to swap. Our day ended with very happy children and very happy teddies. We are GREEN.
Congratulations to our children for our fabulous recycling posters on display in Ellergreen Sport’s Centre, Norris Green Library and Croxteth Park.
Very proud of our little athletes today at sports day. Thanks to our families for joining us.
These simple words by Dolly sum up our week of RE this week learning about children of different faiths.
A huge congratulations to all our Reception children for wonderful recycling posters. Today they are being collected to be displayed in Liverpool public buildings.
This week in RE we have been learning about friendships. We have been thinking about what makes a good friend and how sometimes we might fall out .We have talked to our friend Jesus and learnt about saying sorry.
What an amazing pirate day .Learning is such fun.
We have been busy with peer critique this week .We shared our recycling posters with our friends. We told them what we liked and how we might make them better. We are fantastic at encouraging our friends.
We enjoyed our PE lesson this week trying out our new apparatus.
We worked as a team to recreate the recycling centre. We made conveyor belts which went up and down to sort the rubbish. We used magnets to pick up the cans. We made a camera to spot anything that could not be recycled and even break our machinery. It would not be complete without a teddy station for poor lost teddies that had found their way to the tip. Kirsty from the recycle centre  visited us and was amazed by our replica. We showed her how many milk cartons which we throw out every day as they can’t be recycled.
We had an amazing time today when we visited the recycling plant .We watched the giant machinery sorting out the card and the paper and cans. We had lots of questions. Our reception children were real ambassadors for our school.
We celebrated St Georges day on Monday. We made flags and talked about England. We acted out the story of St George with our knights and dragons. We made red and white flags and used our junk to make dragons .We enjoyed writing stories about St George.
We have had a very busy week with our REAL PROJECT. It started with a visit from Michael Recycle.We designed our own robots and wrote captions for our superhero.
We started our week with our REAL PROJECT question” How green are my feet?”
The children said “Our feet aren’t green .But now we have had a fabulous week recycling and looking around our neighbourhood to investigate .We looked for litter and flowers .We counted cars and buses. Already we are beginning to answer the question the question.

A lovely week in class preparing for Easter with lots of Lent activities and promises shared.

This week in our class we have enjoyed studying the author Julia Donaldson. We had lots of fun looking at her characters and story settings. Our favourite story was the Gruffalo. We had a fabulous story teller Lillie’s dad who made voices for the characters. We put together a rubric and drew and labelled our own gruffalos. Another favourite was what the ladybird heard. We came up with our own plans to steal the prize cow.

A fabulous world book day today with children dressed in their favourite characters. We sat on the hot seat and answered  questions in role introducing ourselves and our story setting. We shared our favourite books from home and enjoyed our parents joining us at the end of the day..

Well done to our parents and children for a very informative and enjoyable  reading workshop.

As part of our REAL project on aspirations we welcomed a visit from the firefighers and PC Caroline. We put Mrs Mc Glinchey under arrest. We went on board a fire engine and had lots of fun squirting the hose.

We have had a very exciting week with the arrival of our chicks. We voted and here are the names Margaret, Tweety Pie, Sparkle ,Beauty, Flippy Flappy, Yellow, Beaky, Chirpy, Fluffy ,and Charlie,

We have been training hard in preparation for our sponsored event with an Olympian athlete. Well done to all our children for completing a very difficult exercise challenge with star jumps,  spotty dogs and press ups.

Oh no we had a problem today. Something happened in our classroom .There was a bus of chairs with story characters on.Someone had left banana skin. The mysterious egg disappeared and it was very messy .But we read some clues left by the visitor. We think he was a very friendly giant looking for his egg.

We would like to wish our families Gung Hay Fat Choy(Chinese New Year).We have had such fun eating raisins with chopsticks,  making dragons and making fortune cookies .I hope some of our good luck messages come true.

We have been thinking about keeping healthy and we enjoyed making fruit Kebabs.

We had a lovely visit from PC Caroline. She told us lots about her job with the police.

We had a very special visit to church this week .We walked around and found lots of treasures .We shared a very special celebration .Mrs Mc Glinchey had a little practice for her wedding day. She walked up the aisle with her bridesmaids and daddy and said ” I do. “

We have had lots of fun this week acting out the story of the smartest giant in town. We loved the friendly giant who was helpful and used a RUBRIC to help us draw the giant .We rescued Little Lumpty who climbed to the top of the wall ,working together as a team to catch him in the blanket. We had visitors who treated us to a morning of music and movement.

We had a fabulous launch day for our ASPIRATION’S REAL PROJECT .We are going to reach for the stars and be the best we can be.We started with the question “What job can I do?”
 Today we had a Paw Patrol and Aspirational  Dressing up day. The children came dressed as doctors ,nurses, teachers, astronauts ,scientists……..We enjoyed finding information about jobs.

What a wonderful Christmas we have had in RS .Busy helping Santa and performing our Christmas Nativity .We ended our term with lots of fun and dancing in our party. Merry Christmas to all our fantastic parents from us all.

We had a lovely morning visiting Acorn Farm. The children were so excited to see Santa and chatted about what they would like for Christmas. Then we went around the farm and had lots of fun talking to the animals. Our favourite was the goats. We ended our morning with chocolate biscuits and a play in the play area .Again our children behaved magnificently.

We have had a very busy week in maths learning about measures. We can sort for size and match items for size. We can tell you all about capacity and estimate how many small cups fill different size containers. We had fun using pan balances to find which items are heavy and light.

Our week started with a very special Baptism of our two Reception baby dolls Jerimiah and Isabella.

We have had a busy week chasing Gingerbread men .We have been thinking about talk of characters and drawing maps .On Friday we decorated our own gingerbread men and then “SNAP” they were gone.

This week in RS for anti-bullying week we rewrote the story of The 3 Little Pigs. The pigs talked to the wolf about why he was being so mean. We gave him good advice about being a good friend. Our story had a happy ending. We called  our story “The 3 little pigs and the good kind wolf.”
This week in RE we have been learning about Baptism. We looked at photos of Mrs Seddon’s son Mark who got baptised in our school hall 21 years ago. We had a very special Baptism in our class. We used bricks to make a font. The priest said
 “What name have you chosen for your baby? “We welcomed Jeremiah and Isabella to our very special family.

We enjoyed the story of Grandad Pot .We rang granddad and asked if our toys could come to tea and he said yes. We made menus and invitations to our toys. Our toys had a lovely time in school playing in the garden and in our classroom.. We made them welcome and introduced them to our friends. They had a lovely party tea and went home exhausted. Mrs Seddon is not sure when they will be coming again

A big Thank you to all our families who attended our phonics and story workshop.We all had a wonderful time practising our sounds.We wrote menus and shopping lists.We had a lovely tea with tiger,and went on a sounds hunt.

Our ‘RE topic is Welcome.We talked about how Sophie welcomed the tiger in our story.We thought about all the ways we can welcome people too to our class.We made a special class prayer with all our happy faces.

We have had a busy week out and about looking for signs of Autumn. We collected leaves and added googly eyes to make animals. We have made autumn pictures and paintings and built homes for our  hibernating animals to sleep in. We shared the story of Brown Bear and went on an adventure.
 “Brown bear ,brown bear what can you see?”
This week we have been learning about bears .We went on a bear hunt through rivers and snow storms to  a dark cave. We set up our very own sensory bear hunt. Our fingers went through a spaghetti swamp ,a crunchy cornflake  river and a very messy flour snowstorm………..

Today we started a very special time called Talk for Stories. We went out to play and came in to a story land. We had to use Once upon a time and make up our very own stories. We read them to our friends.

In RS this week we shared the story of The Enormous Watermelon. We acted out the story working as a team to pull and pull the enormous pumpkin. We worked as a team to make a tent with the parachute.
In PE we practised moving along the apparatus in different ways and performed balance routines.
In science we have been learning about our 5 senses which help us explore the world. We enjoyed a listening walk, made feely collages and identified different smells..

We have had a wonderful start to our school year. We are so proud of our children. They have made new friends and got used to whole new routines. This week we have been learning about team skills. .We shared the story of the Little Red Hen .We were a good team and all helped to make bread. We enjoyed jam butties. We worked together building dens and playing parachute games.

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