Congratulations to our Year 4 Children who made their First Holy Communion.

Ash Wednesday

We are starting Lent as a whole school with the parish community – receiving our ashes.


Year 4 welcomed Ann Johnson from our Parish to talk to each class about her role and the role of the laity in St Teresa’s.

We learned so much about the life of the local Christian community from Ann.

Year 5 Exploring Waiting

Year 5 Collective Prayer

Reception had a wonderful celebration in church today as nursery and reception gathered for a beautiful prayer time .We learnt about how we gather in church on Sunday and listened to the word of God.

The space

Join us for a prayerful or quiet time in ‘The Space’. 4T have been sharing collective worship in our new room and 4W used it for storytime last week.

Year 5 Collective Worship

On Tuesday, we learned from Father Chris about the process of ordination, linking to our RE topic, ‘Vocation & Commitment’.

In RE we have been focusing on Welcome, we spoke about welcoming a new baby into our family and God’s family. We looked at the role of a family, godparents and parts of the church such as the font, baptism candle and the preist. We had so much fun acting out the baptisms in class. Later that week we went to visit the church and we saw another baptism.

Poppy Poppy what do you say?
Wear me on Remembrance day.
Poppy Poppy what do you tell?
Many soldiers in battle fell.
Poppy Poppy what should we know?
That peace on earth should grow & grow.

In Year 6, we have been talking about our Mission Statement as a school, with particular focus on ‘To always think of others’. We talked about how we can better love one another and think of others, including our friends, teachers, parents, dinner ladies, cleaners and governors.

Year 5 Wedding Vows

During November, we remember all those who have died and in 2018, we commemorate 100 years since World War 1 ended and remember all those who sacrificed so much.

We pray and work for peace in our world, looking forward with hope.

We remember that October is devoted to Mary. We pray the Hail Mary for our needs and the needs of others. We ask Mary to bring peace in our lives.

Year 6 Collective Worship

Collective Worship

St Teresa Feast day

Zoe’s Place

VIDES Human Rights

Worship Warriors


Fr Chris

Collective Worship

Ash Wednesday

Year 6 Collective Worship


Collective Worship

Diversity Day

Easter and Lent

Lent Assembly

Lent Fundraising

Feeding the Community

Manchester Poem

Previous Staff

Our Parish


Ash Wednesday

The Feast of St Teresa


Nursery Nativity Performance

PM Nursery Nativity Performance

Year 1 Nativity Performance

Hosanna Rocks


Collective Worship

Celebrating being part of Liverpool Archdiocese

Collective Worship

Children help to plan and prepare Collective Worship for their class.

They work with their teacher in small groups and plan:

 Gather – they decide how the class comes together to pray and what they would like to have on the focus area.

Listen – they select the Scripture

Respond – they think of how the children can be given time to really understand the message and respond in a reflective way.

Go Forth – they look for ways that they can carry on their faith in school, at home, in the parish and the community.