What does Geography look like at St Teresa of Lisieux?




Geography. Science, Writing (Oak)

Fantastic writing today linking to our learning about polar regions. We made shopping lists to prepare for our imaginary trip to either the Arctic or Antarctic! It was great seeing pupils using their Fred talk to help spell and work so hard on letter formation. If you could go, which one of them would you…
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Art, Science, Geography (Oak)

We loved seeing some brilliant art work being created today following our learning about the polar regions. Pupils loved finding out about different animals living on the North and South Poles and got creative straight after. This snowy owl picture was an inspiration for their art pieces and collaboration and team work was wonderful to…
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Geography- Planet Earth (Elm)

We have been using the book – Here We Are; Notes for Living on Planet Earth by Oliver Jeffers. We have learnt that the Earth is the big globe floating in space on which we live.  Looking a bit closer, we discovered that the Earth is mainly made up of land and water and that…
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We have learned so much about our planet Earth.

We have learned so much about our planet Earth. We explored learning about land and seas, looked at maps of different continents and discussed how they are same/ different, getting creative with paint and arts and crafts.
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Geography (Fir)

In our Geography lesson, we developed our understanding of the weather. We used maps and weather symbols to create our own weather forecasts.
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