History (Sycamore)

In our History lessons, we have been looking at the Titanic and in this lesson we were gathering evidence and theories about why so many lives were lost on the Titanic and discussing which reason we think is greatest.
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Roman Day Year 4

Year 4 have had a great start to the new year with a visit from Dan Tastic as part of our REAL project, ‘Could being in the Roman Army keep you ALIVE?’ We learned all about life in Roman times, over two thousand years ago. Then we worked as a team to create an aqueduct…
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Launch Day (Y5 Elder)

Today Year 5 were very lucky to have ‘Dantastic’ visiting our school. He did a special workshop with us that taught us lots of fun and amazing facts about the Anglo-Saxons for our REAL Project Launch Day!
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Year 4 drone filming

Today our bubble combined some geography fieldwork with programming computers with Mr Triggs. They used compass points and coding to tell the drone what to film. Mr Triggs only flew the drone and guided the children to carefully select what to film.
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Celebrating Black History Month (Beech)

Celebrating Black History Month We talked about how everyone is equal no matter their colour, country of birth or Religious belief. We used images of important British black men and women from the past and present to create a collage of a face.
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