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Nursery–Who lives in a house like this?


Welcome back to all our families. Children have returned to nursery with enthusiasm and excited to be learning new things. Our school has a REAL project approach to learning. In the nursery, we use elements of this, but we follow our children’s interests when we plan for learning. Children have enjoyed hearing the traditional tales at Storytime, so each week we will focus on a different traditional tale.. We hope to foster a love of stories.

Our starting point is “Who lives in a house like this?”

We will share the stories such as Once Upon A Time, Goodnight Goodnight, Goldilocks and The Three Bears, Old Bear, The Three Little Pigs and Jack and The Beanstalk.

Through these stories we will explore book knowledge, talk about characters and settings, encourage the retelling of stories, and joining in with story refrains.

We will make paintings, collages, and act out stories using props and puppets. At the end of our project we will enhance our story area with props, storytelling chair and cloaks. We will perform our favourite story refrains.

In RE We will learn about celebrations in church, and learn we are part of a Parish family.

Bedtime reading challenge

We will challenge our children to read a bedtime story with you every night for 1 week. They will receive a certificate if they achieve this.

Bring teddy to school day

As part of our bear story week children can bring along their favourite teddy to spend a day learning with them.

Dress Up Day

Children can come to school dressed as their favourite story character.

Look out for dates of weekly activities in the nursery window

Helping your child at home

Share stories and rhymes. Make opportunities for talk in play. Have fun mark making/drawing and writing together. Practise recognising and writing our names.

Lending Library

Children will be choosing a story book to come home in their own reading wallet. We hope you enjoy sharing with your child. Children can change as often as they want. Please encourage them to look after these books.