This week we have been busy in The Edible Playground. We had to find six Gnomes in the garden. The children had to tick them off the list when they found them.
We used clay to make faces. We found lots of natural materials to decorate them.
This week we found lots of Ladybirds in the Edible playground. The children were excited to find lots of Ladybirds. We used a magnifying glass to look at them closely.
It’s a busy time of the year in the Edible Playground. The children in Year 1 have been planting lots of vegetables. They have also been weeding in the garden.
From beautiful sunshine to wet and windy weather. The children went out in all weathers and enjoyed the activities. We looked for signs of spring and also sat in the observation station looking for birds. On Wednesday the children had to build a den to protect the animals. We had to work together in teams . Well done Year 1 .
We worked together as a team looking for leaves.
The children in Year 1 have had a very busy week Outdoors . They have planted Sunflowers and Sweet peas. We have also made faces using natural materials.
We had a very busy afternoon in nursery. We made streamers and played with them outside. We danced and sang in the wind. 🌿🌳🌿🌿
The children in morning Nursery have had a very busy morning. We went outside and had to sort the natural resources by colour.
We have been very busy this week. The children  enjoyed sitting in the observation station looking for birds. The children were also nature detectives looking for birds .