What does PE look like at St Teresa of Lisieux?


At St Teresa of Lisieux we believe that physical education forms a key element of every child’s education.  We want all of our children to leave the school physically literate with an understanding of how physical education forms part of a healthy lifestyle.  We want to inspire all pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically-demanding activities through an inclusive, well-balanced and broad curriculum.  Through the EYFS and KS1 children will develop fundamental skills through agility, balance and co-ordination – they will continue to develop and build upon these skills in KS2 and apply them in a range of sporting activities. We understand how P.E. and sport can support the catholic ethos of the school through promoting honesty, passion, respect, determination, self-belief and teamwork.


  • All children from Nursery to Year 6 take part in weekly P.E. sessions.
  • Qualified sports coaches are utilised to work alongside teachers to provide high quality P.E. lessons whilst also providing CPD for staff.
  • Lessons are highly engaging with sustained periods of physical activity.
  • All lessons are differentiated so that every child is able to participate to the best of their abilities – including children with physical disabilities, children on the SEND register and children who have a temporary injury.
  • Lessons are challenging for all pupils with the opportunity for children to select their own level of challenge and have the opportunity to improve upon their personal best.
  • Support and challenge is provided by following the S.T.E.P.S. model of Space, Time, Equipment, People, Support; each of these elements can be altered during the session by the teacher or the child themselves to provide additional challenge/support where necessary.
  • Leadership is encouraged in each session with children given opportunities to take the lead.
  • Children are provided with opportunities to reflect upon their learning and performance and analyse and improve the performance of themselves and others.
  • Throughout the year all children participate in Dance, Gymnastic, Games and Athletics lessons – these lessons are skills based with progression built year upon year.
  • Children in Years 5 and 6 are provided with swimming lessons throughout the year enabling them to swim a minimum of 25 metres – confidently, competently and proficiently – perform safe self-rescue and perform a range of strokes effectively.
  • Physical activity is part of the whole school day and is not limited to P.E. lessons with all children participating in The Daily Mile, 5-A-Day.TV active movement breaks and active playground activities to contribute to 30 minutes of additional physical activity for all children.
  • Children are given the opportunity to apply their learning to competitive situations through our involvement with The School Games.
  • Children are provided with the opportunity to participate in intra-school sport competitions which then feed through into inter-school sporting competition as part of our partnership with Liverpool School Sports Partnership. This provides a clear pathway for children into sport.
  • School sport is celebrated each year by holding successful sports days during National School Sports Week.

Progression of Skills in Physical Education

Scheme of Work

National Curriculum for Physical Education

Recognition Certificate


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