• Jigsaw is a PHSE Scheme/approach to Mindfulness. Children benefit by being aware of thoughts and feelings as they happen in present moment
  • Mindfulness can be learnt and appropriate techniques and responses developed.
  • In Jigsaw scheme Mindfulness developed through `Calm Me` time in lesson.
  • Designed as whole school approach-all year groups working on same theme (Puzzle) at same time.
  • Starts with Introductory Assembly-whole school focus for children and staff.
  • Leads to weekly celebrations. Key theme for each week. Idea is to reinforce learning and see it translated into children`s behaviour. Children and adults can nominate each other by writing name and reason on special celebration sheets left in class/school. These are then rewarded in assembly.

Six Puzzles (Themes)


  • Being in my world
  • Celebrating difference (including anti-bullying)


  • Dreams and goals
  • Healthy me


  • Relationships
  • Changing me (including sex ed)

Each puzzle has six pieces (lessons) which work toward an end product/goal/piece of work etc. Each lesson has two learning intentions:

  • Based on specific PHSE learning
  • Emotional literacy


Jigsaw Charter

  • We take turns to speak
  • We use kind and positive words
  • We listen to each other
  • We have the right to pass
  • We only use names when giving compliments or being posirtive and encouraging
  • We respect each others privacy



Structure of lesson (piece)

Connect us

Explain and reinforce charter. Warm up activity

Calm me

Still children`s minds. Relaxing/quieting them/relaxing emotions/peaceful atmosphere

Open my mind

Introduce important aspects of learning intended for each piece

Tell me or show me

Introduce new information/concepts/skills/range od teaching approaches/activities

Let me learn

Children use this information to help it make sense for them

Help me reflect

Children encouraged to reflect on their learning experiences


Praise for effort, summarise etc


ROAR (Pine)

Above as part of our ROAR we considered all the emotions Ralph was feeling in the story…. Here we use our phonics to help us build words to match to the pictures….
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Mindful Meditation Year 4

Mindful Meditation Today we had time to relax with Mrs Milner. Breathe in and STRE—ETCH everyone. Can you balance on one leg? What positions can you remember? Yoga – or should I call it mindful meditation? Today we had time to relax with Mrs Milner. Breathe in and STRE—ETCH everyone. Can you balance on one…
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Curriculum Implementation