At St Teresa of Lisieux our curriculum is designed to be creative, inclusive, challenging and real world, that inspires our children in an immersive environment which stimulates and supports high quality learning.
REAL Projects.

At St Teresa of lisieux our curriculum is designed around REAL projects. The core principles of REAL projects are:

R igorous

E ngaging

A uthentic

L earning

REAL projects engage children with subject content using key skills such as reasoning, analysis, critical thinking and problem solving. They are engaging because the children understand the purpose of their learning and authentic because the children share their work with a public audience. Finally children are motivated and driven to learn because they see the purpose.

All curriculum subjects can be taught through REAL projects and are seamlessly linked by the teachers throughout the project. The teachers use a key skills grid for each curriculum area and age group to carefully plan and track the coverage of the National Curriculum Key Skills.

Our projects enable our children to get out and about each term. They take part in regular educational visits as well as having visitors to the school to enrich their learning experience.

The project work will be complemented by the rigorous and daily teaching of the basic skills of handwriting (cursive approach), spelling, maths and reading.

Curriculum Subjects