Dear all

Public Health and the Families Programme have purchased a 4-year licence for the online ‘Understanding Your Child’ courses based on the Solihull Approach. These evidence-based, online parenting guides (or courses) are for Liverpool parents, carers and grandparents. The courses aim to strengthen relationships in ways that have long-lasting, positive effects for the entire family. The content is split-up as follows:

  1. Understanding your pregnancy, labour, birth and your baby has the same content as the Solihull approach face-to-face antenatal course with the same name.

  2. Understanding your baby covers the traditional information given in a postnatal course alongside a new approach to developing a relationship with your baby.

  3. Understanding your child covers ages 6 months to 18 years and is the first online course for parents to be awarded the Government’s CANparent Quality Mark accreditation.

We are happy to announce that we can offer this suite of courses for Liverpool residents for free using the access code PURPLEBIN found on the attached leaflet. In terms of eligibility, this is based on postcodes within Liverpool City Council boundary.



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