Today is the beginning of Children’s Mental Health Week. It’s time to focus on your own mental health and your child’s.
Here are some great posters with information and ideas.

A St Teresa of Lisieux  children’s wellbeing is considered a great importance and we would like to help you support your child with this during any period of isolation. The following are links to support your child’s wellbeing and mental and physical health. Keeping active, getting outside (just in to the garden), being creative (e,g. baking, art), mindfulness time (e.g. mindful colouring, yoga, meditation), can all help support your child and yourselves.

YPAS – Young Persons Advisory Service

YPAS – Young Persons Advisory Service

Formal Invite Kooth and Qwell Event Letter

Merseyside Kooth Parents Eventbrite Poster

Virtual Coffee Morning

Useful Links:

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Children’s Mental Health Week
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