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Is Home Where The Heart Is?

Year 1

We have already had a great time meeting and getting to know the children. You may find that your child is very tired at the end of the day until they become used to the new routines of Year 1. The curriculum (what the children are taught) is different and how it is taught is very different. Learning in Year 1 is more formal with fewer opportunities to learn through exploration or play. We can’t wait to get our teeth into our first REAL Project. We also look forwards to getting to know you all too. Please respect social distancing at the classroom doors.

Project Overview

This term our REAL Project has a Geography focus. We will be learning all about Liverpool, Great Britain and the continents and oceans. We have an exciting trip planned; a ‘Magical Mystery Tour’. In Science we will be learning all about animals, including humans, and where they live. We will look at some of the wonderful buildings in Liverpool and will learn about some famous Liverpudlians. We will learn songs by famous Liverpool bands. In Art we will use clay to make Superlambananas.


Spellings will be sent home on Fridays through SeeSaw and the children will be tested on them the following Friday. There are lots of ways to help your child to learn their spellings; some ideas are: use the ‘look, cover, write, check’ method (where you look at the word and say the letters, the word is then covered up and your child tries to remember the word and writes it down then you check the word); when more confident that your child can spell the words, see how many times they can write the word in a given time (the children love this one!); chant the letters of the word whilst marching, clapping, stamping etc.


The children all have books to take home in a named plastic wallet. Reading is so important so we encourage you to read with your child every day (it only takes a few minutes). Please help us by writing in the blue home-school reading record when you read with your child. This helps a lot because we can then move the children on to new books more quickly. Reading books need to be in school every day – we never know when we will be able to squeeze an extra read in.

Water Bottles

The children are able to bring water bottles to school so that they can have a drink throughout the day (drinks with packed lunches will be kept for lunch time). Please write your child’s name on the bottle. Bottles will be sent home at the end of each day and need to be refilled at home.


Please help us by writing your child’s name in their clothing. When it gets hot in class the children are able to take off their jumpers and cardigans. Names in clothes helps us to make sure that items get back to the right children.


Year 1 Pine’s PE day is Tuesday. Year 1 Holly and Year 1 Ash’s PE day is Wednesday. The children may come to school in their PE kit on their PE day.

We know that the children love to bring things in to show us and the rest of the class, but at the moment we would ask that things brought into school from home are kept to a minimum; no toys etc thanks.

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