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Autumn 2023



Year 2 staff would like to wish you a very warm welcome back to school. It has been wonderful to see all the pupils wearing their uniform with pride and greeting friends and staff with happy smiles, kind words and good manners. We have had an excellent start to the year already. The glorious weather at the start has allowed us to enjoy the beautiful outdoor spaces of our school and keep active, while getting to know the daily routines of Y2. As the colder days approach, the warm classroom is becoming even more welcoming!



If you need any support or would like to discuss how we can best work in partnership to support your child in school, we are always here to help. Your class teacher is always the first point of contact, followed by Mrs Sloan as Key Stage 1 Lead. For any advice on special educational needs, it may be appropriate, after speaking with the class teacher, to also contact Mrs Whitehead, who is our school Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENDCO).

Smaller queries can often be answered at drop off times, however for more private conversations, or those that may take a little longer, please make an appointment by discussing this with the teacher or calling the school office instead.

Please be advised that collection time is a very busy time, and not a time when we can give you our full attention.

Mrs Sloan : Y2 Teacher (Fir), Keys Stage 1 Lead, Assistant Head (Curriculum)

Mrs Cochrane :  Y2 Teacher (Cedar)

Miss Riley and Miss Lambert : Teaching Assistants

Computing : Miss Baron (MGL)

PE: Mr Lee (Little Sports Coaches)

Mr Barnett : PPA Teacher (covers classes in Y2 while teachers plan and prepare for teaching)



Good attendance and punctuality are vital, not only for learning, but also to help pupils settle into their new school routine, make friends and grow in confidence.

Each week, every class with 100% attendance is rewarded with a voucher, which can be spent to celebrate the achievement in whatever way the class decides. In Year 2 we are fiercely competitive- help us to be the best by being in school every day and on time!

Our classroom door opens at 8.45am for the start of the day and collection time is at 3.10pm.

 Autumn Curriculum Coverage

English Book 1: A River

Writing Outcomes: Circular Narrative/ Letter

Book 2: The Night Gardener

Writing Outcomes: Settings Narrative/ Diary Recount

Maths Place value, addition and subtraction, shape
RE Beginnings, Signs and Symbols, Judaism and Preparations.
History Events beyond living memory – The Great Fire of London
Geography Local Area Study- Physical and Human Features

Study human and physical geography of a small area of United Kingdom, and of a contrasting non-European location

Science Living things and their habitats and Animals Including Humans
Computing Information Technology -What is a computer

Computer Science -Unplugged Algorithms

PE Fundamentals and Gymnastics

Our PE lessons are on Fridays. Children are to come into school wearing the school PE kit.



Drawing- Using pencil, pen, charcoal, chalk and pastels
Design & Technology Textiles and Food and Nutrition
Music Untuned Percussion and Singing
PSHE Being me in my world and Celebrating differences



Building good learning habits at home and reinforcing learning that happens at school is important. To help with this, regular homework will be set and engagement with this greatly appreciated.

Daily reading of books sent home- these are changed weekly

(please write in the blue reading record each time you read with your child to help

them earn a Reading Champion Badge on our class display)

Weekly Spelling and Handwriting practise (as part of spelling practise) will start in Autumn 2

Regular and ongoing times tables practise online using TTRockstars

(pupils will be provided with user names and passwords)



Developing strong readers is our priority. All pupils read in school daily and have since Week 1 had reading practise sent home, coinciding with their reading stage. Reading each day, with your child at home, will help to accelerate learning and help your child to grow in confidence. Please help us by writing in the blue home-school reading record when you read with your child, keeping the home school partnership strong. We will be celebrating regular reading by awarding Reading Champion Badges in school, on our class display. Some pupils have already earned their first badge, which is fantastic. We love seeing them beam with pride.

Here are some Y2 book recommendations, which you can enjoy reading

at home with your child, in addition to the ones we send home weekly.

More information on reading, and the rest of the curriculum, can be

found on our school website. https://www.stteresaoflisieux.co.uk/

Remember to also follow our Twitter page and keep up with what

we are doing on our class pages on the school website.

Twitter: @year2_STOL

Curriculum Overview

Recommended Reading Books for Year 2

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