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What does success taste like?

Project Overview

We are exploring what it means to be successful and all of the different ways that we could have success, and how this will make us feel. We are discussing our dreams and goals and looking at ways we can plan to ensure we achieve them. We are working hard on keeping our minds and bodies fit and healthy in order to have the best possible chances of success.

Mini Outcomes

  • Complete a fitness diary to show how we are exercising and improving our health – children to post on seesaw activities completed at home.
  • Create a dance display to put on to final outcome demonstrating a way that we can improve our fitness and stay healthy.
  • Sponsored fitness circuit with Olympic Athlete. Classes to be filmed and clips added to final outcome.

Final Outcome

A guide to keeping fit and healthy – published on website

Curriculum Coverage

English Newspaper, Poetry, Leaflet, Biography
Maths Multiplication and Division, Money, Statistics, Measures – Length, Fractions
RE Journeys, Listening and Sharing, Giving all, Other Faith
History Ancient Greece
Geography Human and Physical geography, Map work
Science Humans and Animals, Plants
Computing Spreadsheets
PE Dance, Net and wall games
Art, Design & Technology Drawing – movement pictures
Music Let your spirit fly – Charanga Scheme
PSHE Dreams  and Goals, Healthy me
6th September Autumn Project Workshop day – Stone Age
1st  October Feast of St Teresa – Mass in Church 9.30am
5th October Parents Meetings – (phone calls)
25th – 29th  October Half term
21st December School closure at 3pm for Christmas Holidays

Year Group Information

Pupils will need to wear their PE kit to school every Tuesday.

Reading records (blue book) and home readers must be in school every day – we advise storing these in pupils’ school bags. Please make it a priority to read with your child and we ask that the reading record is signed by an adult five times a week.

Homework is set on Seesaw on a Monday and is expected to be completed by the following Monday. Staff will mark the children’s work online and send it back for the pupils to see. Children will be given 2 pieces of homework on Seesaw per week – Maths and Grammar.

Pupils have received their own individual QR Code/Text Code to log in to Seesaw on a laptop or tablet at home. Smart phones can also be used to access the work, however pupils may struggle to type on such a small screen so we recommend handwritten answers on paper which can then be photographed and uploaded as that child’s piece of work.

Pupils are also expected and will be monitored online by class teachers that they use the following activities at home each week:

Reading Plus / Reading eggs .

Maths Shed

Spelling Shed

Times Table Rockstars

The top 3 online application users each week will be displayed on our class leaderboard.

Remember to keep up with what we are doing on the school website and twitter feed.

Website: https://www.stteresaoflisieux.co.uk/

Twitter: @year3_STOL    @teresaoflisieux

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