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How dark were the Dark Ages?

Project Overview

Throughout this REAL Project, pupils will explore Britain’s settlement by the Anglo-Saxons. They will learn about Anglo Saxon invasions, settlements and kingdoms: place names and village life. They will also study Anglo-Saxon art and culture.

Their first novel will be The Anglo-Saxon Boy by Tony Bradman.

The Anglo-Saxon period in Britain spans approximately the six centuries from 410-1066AD. The period used to be known as the Dark Ages, mainly because written sources for the early years of Saxon invasion are scarce and our essential question will enable the children to explore darkness and what gives us hope and what can bring light into our lives.

Mini Outcomes

-Explore and design positive messages of hope to bring people out of the darkness and into the light.

-Arranging a market stall to sell the candles at.

-Explore darkness further and what darkness in life can be – and why we are spreading a message of hope.

Final Outcome

To sell candles with their messages of hope and raise money for a chosen charity

Curriculum Coverage

English Narrative, Poetry, Newspaper Reports.
Maths 5-digit numbers, Addition, Subtraction, Graphs, Multiplication, Division, Area, Perimeter
RE Ourselves, Life Choices, Judaism, Hope
History Britain’s Settlement by the Anglo-Saxons
Geography Four and six-figure grid references and keys to build knowledge of the UK.

Water cycle

Science Properties and changes of materials.
Computing Coding / On-line Safety
PE Invasion Games and gymnastics
Art, Design & Technology Anglo-Saxon weaving and sculpting Anglo-Saxon jewellery from clay.
Music Pulse and rhythm – Living on a prayer and Make you feel my love

Instruments: glockenspiel

PSHE Jigsaw Scheme – Being Me in My World and Celebrating Difference.

ROAR and ALIVE focus.

2nd September First RE topic: Ourselves
7th September REAL Project Launch Day with DANTASTIC – All about the Anglo-Saxons
6th October New RE topic: Life Choices
22nd October   Break up for half term
1st November Return to school
15th November  RE: Judaism
22nd November New RE topic: Hope
21st December Break up for the end of term.

Year Group Information

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Twitter: @year5_STOL          Website: https://www.stteresaoflisieux.co.uk/

Pupils can wear their school PE kit every Monday.

Reading records (blue book) and home reading books must be in school every day. Please help us by writing in the blue home reading record book when you read with your child. This helps us as we can move your child onto the new book more quickly. Remember to read 5 times at home to get a stamp.

Homework is set on Seesaw on a Monday and is expected to be completed by the following Monday. Staff will mark the children’s work online and send it back for the pupils to see. Children will be given 2 pieces of homework on Seesaw per week – Maths and Grammar.

Pupils have received their own individual QR Code/Text Code to log in to Seesaw on a laptop or tablet at home. Smart phones can also be used to access the work; however, pupils may struggle to type on such a small screen so we recommend handwritten answers on paper which can then be photographed and uploaded as that child’s piece of work.

Pupils are also expected and will be monitored online by class teachers that they complete the following activities:

Reading Plus – complete at least 2 comprehensions per week.

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