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What makes us human?

Project Overview

Throughout this REAL Project, we will explore what makes us human. Not only will we be covering the physical side (our human anatomy) but we will be exploring what really makes us the way we are – what attributes are we born with and which ones do we develop?

We will be exploring the themes of hope, perseverance, humanity and fear and we will be learning from times in history such as the Titanic and Shackleton’s Journey.

Mini Outcomes

  • Critique recounts in teams and use the green screen to record and post on the school website.
  • Music-led social experiment in the dining hall using different genres of music to measure impact on children in Year 5 and Reception.
  • Deliver letters and interview local charity founder.

Final Outcome

Present letters to Imagine If for people at the Christmas Meal

Curriculum Coverage

English Passenger recount, Narrative, Newspaper report, Informal letter
Maths Place Value, Addition & Subtraction, Multiplication & Division
RE Loving, Vocation & Commitment, Expectations
History Titanic
Geography Longitude & latitude, locational knowledge
Science Animals including Humans, Light & Sight
Computing Online Safety, Blogging (Purple Mash)
PE Swimming
Art, Design & Technology Water Colours, Needlework
Music Listening & appraising different genres of music

Year Group Information

Pupils will need to wear their PE kit to school every Friday. Hawthorn need their swimming kits (swimming costume/shorts, towel, cap and goggles if required) on a Monday and Sycamore need it on a Tuesday.

Reading records (blue book) and home readers must be in school every day – we advise storing these in pupils’ school bags. Please make it a priority to read with your child and we ask that the reading record is signed by an adult or the Y6 child five times a week.

Homework is set on Seesaw on a Tuesday and is expected to be completed by the following Tuesday. Staff will mark the children’s work online and send it back for the pupils to see. Children will be given 2 pieces of homework on Seesaw per week – Maths and Grammar.

Pupils have received their own individual QR Code/Text Code to log in to Seesaw on a laptop or tablet at home. Smart phones can also be used to access the work, however pupils may struggle to type on such a small screen so we recommend handwritten answers on paper which can then be photographed and uploaded as that child’s piece of work.

Pupils are also expected and will be monitored online by class teachers that they complete the following activities:

Reading Plus – complete at least 3 comprehensions per week.

Maths Shed – regular practice.

Spelling Shed – regular practice.

Times Table Rockstars – regular practice.

Remember to keep up with what we are doing on the school website.

Website: https://www.stteresaoflisieux.co.uk/

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